Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Camden Project

These are my sketch book pages from the Camden brief. The brief was to visit Camden and do some reportage drawings of the street, people, market stalls, architecture etc. The final part of this project was to make two final pieces, which were potential entrys into the Kingsgate Gallery for Middlesex's I-SPY exhibition and luckily mine got in! 

A Sort Of Book Illustration

This was a little one week brief where we was given a small passage from Mr Jekyl and Dr Hyde to illustrate. I found this a bit hard but i came up with this drawing of a girl running down a street full of street lamps, it was the only thing that caught my imagination.

Life Drawing

Here are a few pages from my A3 sketchbook which is my life drawing book. I'll have to take photos of my more recent drawings because they're a bit better. 
The square portraits are of some of my classmates and are made using around 10 different materials, such as chalk, charcoal, masking tape, biro, felt pen, fine liner, paint, indian ink etc etc etc. 

I Can Draw What I Want Brief

This was quite a nice little brief, we could draw whatever came to mind, so like Nicola on my previous post, i drew whatever came into my head. 

Black Vs. White

This brief was to explore the title 'Black Vs. White'. So i felt like drawing a little dispute between animals. The pages start off half and half, but then black wins and the final page is black.

Another Bloody Journey

Everytime i've started a new term at a new school/college, the first brief is always 'to go on a journey', so here are a few of the better pages from my sketchbook for the brief - go on a journey around Cat Hill and draw what you see. Here it is.

Nicola From Girls Aloud Obsession?

Recently i've had a massive obsession with Nicola from Girls Aloud and i don't know why. Maybe its because we both have ginger hair or i just think she's FAB. Anyway, i had a brief to draw anything (more drawings from that brief to come!) and i felt like giving her a page.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

At the start of the term i got given a brief which was to illustrate a section from Edward Lear's poem - The Dong with a Luminous Nose. I made a dry point etching, screen print and lino of my drawing, which my tutor then chose the best one and made a nice little book of everyones prints. My tutor Phil for some reason really liked my chip style Dong and made this cherub of a cut out stand thing. Freaked me out a bit but i like it.

Kingsgate Gallery Piece

I really don't know where or when to start, but i thought this would be a good beginning to my huge upload of work.
I had a brief back in October to draw Camden; the buildings, people, market stalls etc. and then had to make a final piece to submit into the Kingsgate Gallery for Middlesex University's 'I-SPY' exhibition. 
AND MY PIECE GOT SELECTED! To be honest, i wasn't over the moon with it as it was a rushed last minute thing, but i was so happy that my work was in a real gallery! It also got sold for £45. It's worth no more than a fiver in my eyes!