Friday, 28 August 2009

Project no.3

Oh Ke. So here is 'the massive' sketchbook project. I made the book with fabric and card and sewed in the pages and just drew in it. I mostly drew people i know without heads but i'm not sure why, and then i got a bit carried away and put anything in there. It's not the best but at least i've whacked another one out of the way. I'm so lazy. Actually i'm not, i'm just working full time at Tesco and it's killing me.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Project no.2

So this is the second thing i've made to send off to my tutor and it's so basic and small but i'm planning on making quite a big one for the third, something like a WHOLE sketchbook....of about 10 pages?
The little bear brooch is just drawn onto fabric and padded. I used a paper bag for the envelope because i went crazy a few months ago and bought about £40 worth of these striped paper bags in different colours and sizes. I thought they'd come in handy if i ever live my dream of owning some sort of shop or making some sort of zine thing and i can put it in one of these. I seriously have thousands.