Thursday, 2 March 2017

Bathroom Love

I often give myself a real hard time - always putting myself down for not being "creative" anymore. Hardly drawing, hardly buying any nice new clothes, not taking any fun risks with my appearance. But then I look back at this and realise this is where it all goes! Of course I am still a creative person! It's just my focus has switched to an entirely new outlet that I've never explored before and I have such passion and pride in it.

You might not believe me but I designed and picked out all of the accessories in this bathroom. From the size and type of tile, to the taps and all the finer details. I spent every night after work, even some lunch breaks and every weekend for nearly a year (along with my one in a million Dad and boyfriend/fiancè) working on this. I have to feel the material I'm working with, whether it's collage or grout, so I literally had no fingertips for about a month after the amount of grout that I had to use. My hands have never looked less feminine after this year and a half working on our home.

The old bathroom was a terrible layout with a worn, dirty and useless suite with tiles cracked and coming loose. We ripped the whole lot out and started again from floor to ceiling and here it is...


Absolutely in love with this mirror from Illuminated Mirrors it connects to your phone through bluetooth to play music, de-mists itself and lights up with all these dreamy colours. It's so nice to run a bath listening to some Ed (Sheeran) with just this on as the light.

The doorstop that looks like my bf!

How cool is this shower head? The temperature lights it up to show cold - blue, hot - red and just right - purple.

Bathroom suite: B&Q
Shower head, shower screen and taps: Victoria Plum
Copper accessories: Habitat
Tiles: Tile Mountain
Towels: Orla Kiely