Sunday, 28 March 2010


for my dad's birthday we went on our little annual trip to newquay. i've got such a soft spot for newquay mainly cos i've spent most of my childhood holiday's there. we ate in rick stein's, which was the best food i've ever eaten in my life, ate loadsa fudge, had lie ins and watched effin paranormal activity aswell as twilight. i loved it.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


around november, martin decided to set us all a personal project. he wanted me to design and make a promotional pack for the queen's diamond jubilee in 2012. i did really like the sound of it and had a few ideas, but along with the rest of the class, i left it till last minute and ended up making something rushed and half finished. none the less, i think it's ok.
basically, it's a 3D diamond which opens up to a little pack containing a sash (just like the queen's!!) with a badge inside to put on it, and the whole idea is to collect different badges and brooches to fill the sash. i did want to put some other little stuff in there too, which i will get round to doing at some point. this is it anyway.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


you can't really see it that well, but this is a screen print of the collage drawing i made of conjoined twins. i used a CMYK process so had to separate the image into four different sections, and then print the colours separately and on top of each other. i've got to do another 3 i think. FML.


so here are a few pics from NEW YORK. to be honest, i was expecting it to be a lot better than what it was. i was looking forward to something like sex and the city and loads of character, but all it seemed like was tall buildings and busy, straight roads. i'm not saying i didn't enjoy myself, but i definitely feel that london has a lot more to offer and reeks of character. the last photo is by turbs, and the first one by b.