Friday, 25 September 2015

2/5 of C O N F E T T I CROWD - Lulutrixabelle

So here is no.2 out of the 5 sass pots that make up Confetti Crowd, the beaut that is Lucy Rance aka Lulutrixabelle.

Before I decide on which photo to recreate, I practically stalk through all of the girls Instagram's and blogs (not that I need an excuse, I do this anyways). This photo of Lucy really got my collage brain going as I love the neon colour in her hair and her luscious Lime Crime blue lips.

I think I'll make another collage of Lucy as I didn't realise but another talented illustrator has already made a replica of this pic, but just goes to show how inspiring she is!

3 more of the darlings to draw next...

Lucy's selfie taken from her Instagram

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I can't remember what I saw that threw me towards Discount's website, I must have seen it flash up on Instagram or it could have been when Katy Perry wore the pastel blue sequinned pussy cat co-ord to some event...either way I am SO glad I did.

I knew which pieces I lusted over but I had to whittle them down to 2 items to align with my already tight budget, so these are the ones I went for. Considering they are created and shipped from Australia, they were in my wardrobe literally within a week. The quality is outstanding and the dense sequins are packed in tight, heavily. I wore these dresses jammed in the middle of Ibiza's music lovers in some of the biggest and wildest clubs, with minimal sequin loss!

So indeed, where better to wear them than...IBIZA! One of my favourite places in the world! I'm going to need to create a post based on my 10 days there this summer, as I need to plaster my pics of this amazing hotel EVERYWHERE! But for now, my lovely, lovely DI$COUNT UNIVER$E pieces.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

1/5 of C O N F E T T I CROWD - Helibells

For a while now I've been trying very hard to find some inspiration to start drawing again. Some times I feel like I have so many ideas in my head that I can never commit to one without wishing I'd started the other if that makes sense...?

Anyways, like probably almost EVERYONE, I've been following the girls who make up the sassy Spice Girl-esque blogger band 'Confetti Crowd' for a good few years now on every inch of social media, and they never fail to inspire or ignite the creative in me; whether it's with what I wear or a little doodle here and there. Thus being said, I have now committed myself to illustrating some portraits of the girls, trying to bring a little bit of their individual style out in each one, hopefully fuelling a creative project for myself in the background.

So, here is Helena a.k.a the beautiful HELIBELLS - how could you not be inspired by her???

Heli's ASOS shoot, featured on her blog