Friday, 26 June 2009

My Tidy & Organised Room (for a change)

Here are some photos of my clean and organised room. I can guarantee that this time tomorrow, there'll be clothes chucked on the floor, aswell as a big bottle of empty vodka and god knows what else. I'm not an alcoholic, i'm going out.

Typography Pattern Piece

For my typography brief at uni i had to record a conversation and then illustrate it using only type. I choose to illustrate a phone conversation i had with my nan about her fixing a top for me and used a pattern piece as the medium to work on. I was careful to follow the brief and didn't illustrate a single part of the conversation itself, yet i got away with copying what the illustrations look like in an actual pattern piece. I hand rendered all of the type and tried to reflect how me and my nan were talking. My nan doesn't know that i did this.

Gemma Travis's Book About Drawing

I made this little book out of a tea towel i got from a chazza (charity shop) for my life drawing brief which was to make a book about drawing. I must admit it was very rushed and i didn't spend half as much time as i would have liked to on it, so to sum up - i like the book itself, just not what's inside.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Just some work

These are just some odd pieces of work that i've never posted. The shelves is an illustration representing the equals sign; this was a very strange brief but i choose shelves...
And that's a little pug. Ooooooo!

Graphic Novel

So here is the bane of my life. This took me an unfair amount of time. To be fair i did start this around 10:30pm, after i finished a night shift at Tesco and didn't end up going to bed until 7am. I REALLY DON'T LIKE GRAPHIC NOVELS, so it does hurt to think how long i had to slave over this. Despite my hatred, i don't actually mind the end result, although that hurts to say. The story is based on a memory of another member of my illustration class and her original drawings were miles better than mine, so it was hard to change her perfect story into my strange patterns.

Hand Made Book - 'Traz and the Trumpet'

A few months ago i was set a brief to make a small book about a past memory. I already posted a drawing with a description of the story but here is the final book.
This was my favourite brief and as i collect zines and hand made books i really wanted to make this special, but me being me, i wanted to do too much and ended up running out of time. However i'm still pleased with it. It made Traz and my dad laugh.


Woahhhh. It's been ages since i've last uploaded some work BUT, to be fair, all of my work has been at uni for a good month for assessment. So here are some pages from my 'graphic novel' sketchbook.
During the easter holidays we were set a brief to draw a collection of cartoons as Woodrow Pheonix, would be coming in to look at them and then set us a new brief to follow on from these drawings. To be honest, i hate comics, cartoons and graphic novels (apart from Fluffy) so i wasn't looking forward to doing this at all. I think this makes me a bad illustrator but that's how i feel.
Anyway these are some pen and ink drawings of people.