Thursday, 24 September 2009

Project no.5 - Barca Book

This page i used as a 'drunk page' and wanted my friends, who baring in mind, are all art students to draw something on it and i got a scribbled out moo face, an american football and a salami breath man. I like the salami breath one though.

So here is my Barca Book. I used an old diary that i bought from a booty as a sketchbook because i thought it would be a nice little thing to use and i've been waiting for a good reason to use it. I tried to fill it with bits and bobs as well as drawings so it's a bit packed out, but i'm going to use it for whenever i have my next holiday so it'll be even thicker. I had a really good time but as you can see by the weird luggage tags on the last page, my effin case got left in Barcelona. I'm not gona lie, i cried like a baby. I had about a third of my proudest 'vintage' collected clothes and stuff in there but THANK CHRIST it's back by my side. The baggy baggage man was so pessimistic and made it sound like it was gone forever. It's seriously making me consider not ever taking a case on holiday, just a small hand luggage one or something, so it's always by my side, safe and sound. Anyway, i had the best time.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

envelope for project no.4

This is the envelope for no.4. I used the dog tea towel that i used for the naked drawing book because i thought it was quite fitting. Hopefully it wont get ruined.

Project no.4

So this is project no.4. I'm such a disgrace. Only four projects in the space of...5 months ish? Anyway, these are 'dog tags'. My friend Ollie's getting a pup and i thought i'd draw some dogs to brainstorm possible new names or something like that. Not very imaginative but they'll do.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

envelope for project no.3

I love this envelope. I've really wanted to buy one of these for ages, but thought they were too good for ebay. So now, finally, i have a real reason to use one. It's from London Graphics Centre and was only about £1.45 i think. They do them in loads of different colours and sizes too. The head thing i bought from a car boot sale for 15p. I've got another one too just incase i need a small child's head for anything. They're gona ruin this at the post office though with their crappy white labels.