Friday, 30 October 2009

head gear

I bought this piece of head gear from Topshop a while ago and it was in the SALE. I havn't worn it out yet, mainly because im scared that people like 'Phil Hughes' will steal it and ruin it. Phil LOVES an accessory. I might wear it out tomorrow night for halloween.

Purple Badges

Ok, so if you havn't already guessed i've been busy with uni work. First project that kicked us off was 'Purple". My tutor each gave us a colour and we had to research into it and produce a final that represented the importance and magic of the colour. I was a bit pissed at having purple, mainly because everyone else had really interesting colours that i've never heard of and sounded so nice. But anyways, i found out that purple represented wealth and royalty as well as being chosen for the 'Purple Heart' medal, which is awarded to american soldiers who are wounded or killed fighting for America. Sooooo i decided to make royal-like badges. I did sew on some little things that i've collected, but took them off because i'm going to attach nice little photos onto them instead.