Thursday, 25 February 2010

the stop motion

so here it is. it's not perfect and not really finished but overall i'm quite pleased with it, not 100% pleased, but quite.

e4 'monday night movies' stop motion

these are some photos for the set i created for my stop motion animation for a brief at uni. the making part was fun but the animation itself was hell, i was up until half 10 this morning finishing it all off, you need patience and pro plus for after effects i tell ya.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

freaky deeky

just some collage/drawings of 'freaks' that i'm gona some how use in print. i'm doing a self initiated project based on victorian freak shows. just to put this out there - this is based on my love of the film Freaks, if you havn't seen it then you should.

polaroid wall

re-organised my room again. this time i've made a polaroid heart, gained more crap, more clothes on the rail, and more shoes that had to be given a tackshelf spot.
p.s. who can spot my rob pat calender?

i love shoes

i have a serious, serious shoe addiction.