Monday, 30 June 2008

Some Sketchbook Work

All of the creatures i made came from my sketchbook, which followed the theme of 'I Don't Live Here Anymore'. It was a confusing idea but i decided to take different parts of bodies from animals, humans, different eras etc and put them all together - therefore making the drawings live away from their real homes.

Hand Made Animals

These are some hand made stuffed animals that i made for one of my recent projects. They're made mainly from calico and are stuffed with cotton wool, as these were just for practise. I will be making loads more very soon and making them into brooches with real padding, along with the padded letter brooches too.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Kitty Cats and Staffy Waffs

Tom Tom and Moomin, two of the four pets. The sailor suit Tom's wearing is actually a Bear Factory one, which is now called 'Build-A-Bear', but he pulled it off better. He actually really likes wearing it and he looks so smart too!

Self Portrait

So here is a little self portrait of me. I'm not one of those moody people that pout for photos, i promise, it's a mid drawing/concentrated look. I've also been dying my hair ginger recently as i've already been black, brunette and bleach blonde, so thought i'd go for the ginge. I quite like it but i'm getting a tad bored so may go back to my roots, which are dark brown. I'll keep my blog posted.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Some More Creatures

I've just been playing around again with some of my sketchbook drawings in photoshop. They're originally made from magazine cut outs, my own drawings, stitched fabric and heat transferred faces. I made them sort of 3D at first and backed them onto grey board so they could stand up and come to life! I'll put the photos up on my Flickr and maybe on here too at some point.

Monday, 23 June 2008


I'm making a YCN profile so i thought i'd neaten up a few of my sketchbook illustrations and here's another. Lewis, my boyfriend, is a graphic designer and he's making a blog too, but it's not finish yet. It's going to be really good when it's done so it'll be worth the wait. "REMEMBER I TOLD YOU!"
And of course, it's the King a bit neater.

Sea Witch

These are a few illustrations taken from one of my sketchbooks which i had a play around with on photoshop. I'll put more up soon and photos of the sketchbook in which this little witch and her friends came from.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Tom Tom Navagation System

This is my cat Tom Tom snoozing on my bed. I like to give my pets nice names such as the famous Johnvieve, Alice-Barbara (both kitty cats) and Moomin the staffy waff whos christian name is Archie. I'll put photos up of them aswell because they're just as buff.

Final Padded 'A'

These are some better photos of my padded 'A' which was the main feature of my exhibition. It took bloody ages to make and a lot of planning but i was quite pleased with the outcome. It sticks together with velcro and can be pulled apart to re create new shapes and letters.

I used proper soft toy padding this time instead of cotton wool and filled the bottom of the blocks with sand to weigh it down. The letter represents 'Favourite Things' by being crammed with examples of my own, and also representing a soft toy which also happens to be a favourite thing. Confused?

My letter now stands proudly in my room.

Favourite Things Sketchbook

This is going to be a long post! These are some of the pages in my Favourite Things sketchbook. I experimented with quite a few things mainly textiles and illustration based, and am really pleased with the overall feel of the book. I love it when my sketchbooks look as if they're bulging open, and this one was very hard to keep shut.

These pages were a mixture of drawings on different paper surfaces, photocopies and padded fabirc shapes.

The padded shapes have a really nice texture when you feel them and make the page more interesting. I padded these ones with cotton wool which worked well but i doubt they would be any good if they got wet.

These are screen prints onto brown parcel paper and calico. I love calico. And brown paper.
I drew examples of my favourite things on each letter in different materials.

This little series of padded letters has inspired me to make brooches out of them, keep checking my blog to see the finished jewellery and maybe you'll be able to buy them too :)

This sketchbook has to be the one so far that i'm most proud of. I really feel i pushed myself for this project as i worked in A3, which is something i would have ran away from previously, because i've always worked small. But i definitely think i'll carry on getting bigger and hopefully better. Oh yeah! I got a distinction for this project too, which was my overall grade for the foundation. These past few days have been the best! I promise i'm not boasting i'm just so proud/ecstatic!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

My end of foundation exhibition

This is the overall view of my exhibition. My Final Major Project was based on the theme of 'favourite things' and i'll add the photos of my final (which is the large fabric 'A') along with some sketchbook pages very soon.

I made a little zine type book too asking people to write in their faourite things against the suitable letter e.g. a is for apple, and i was really glad to see that a lot of people took part. I can't wait to get the book back, although im sure some people wrote naughty things, but to be honest my friend Ben pretty much wrote down every rude/innapropriate/disgusting/sexual word that you could think of when i first started this project - lets just say nothing will shock me.

This is me with my cup for winning student of the year, i'm so unbelievably chuffed!
Below is all of my tutors and then me and my lovely boyfriend.

I had a really fun night and was so shocked but pleased about winning the award, it really means a lot to me! Just shows you what hard work can do! :D

Monday, 16 June 2008

All we need is love...

12, originally uploaded by GLT Sandwich.


These were some photos i took of a word i made from an old dress and shirt, which was part of the Love Me Tender project. I put it up in the work room to spread a little love around the place. It didn't work, but people started singing The Beatles 'All We Need Is Love' after looking at it, so i suppose that was ok.

Friday, 13 June 2008

My Wardrobe

My Wardrobe, originally uploaded by GLT Sandwich.

Just thought i'd slip this photo in. It's my wardrobe with about a tenth of my huge badge collection, well the ones i like to wear most. The others are kept in a box.

Love Me Tender Sketchbook

Love Me Tender, originally uploaded by GLT Sandwich.

Love Me Tender

These are some pages from my sketchbook. It was a mixture of illustration and textiles as i love working with the two. I'm going to take some nicer photos of some of the textile ilustrations, as they don't really look that great in the sketch book.

Hitherto...Stuart White

These illustrations by Stuart White are among some of my favourites.
I love his use of layering, pastel coloured paper, texture and of course his drawings. He's definitely worth a look, so check out his work, you'd be a chump not to.

He also has a zine available to buy, which i luckily own but not in this beautiful, perfect state, as the royal mail decided to not look after my package but instead completely ruin it! I was so annoyed, but once i carefully peeled the pages away from each other and stopped them from ripping any more, the zine was neat.