Thursday, 19 June 2008

My end of foundation exhibition

This is the overall view of my exhibition. My Final Major Project was based on the theme of 'favourite things' and i'll add the photos of my final (which is the large fabric 'A') along with some sketchbook pages very soon.

I made a little zine type book too asking people to write in their faourite things against the suitable letter e.g. a is for apple, and i was really glad to see that a lot of people took part. I can't wait to get the book back, although im sure some people wrote naughty things, but to be honest my friend Ben pretty much wrote down every rude/innapropriate/disgusting/sexual word that you could think of when i first started this project - lets just say nothing will shock me.

This is me with my cup for winning student of the year, i'm so unbelievably chuffed!
Below is all of my tutors and then me and my lovely boyfriend.

I had a really fun night and was so shocked but pleased about winning the award, it really means a lot to me! Just shows you what hard work can do! :D

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