Saturday, 16 August 2008

Madrid with LSCS

On the 3rd of August me and my boyfriend went to Madrid. I've never actually been to main land Spain so it was a lovely little break and another place to tick off. We went to some really great galleries, museums and places of interest, but for some unfortunate reason you couldn't take a photo anywhere! It wasn't even like you could get away with a sneaky snap, because in some places there were full on guards to stop you! Lewis took his old SLR and these are some of his photos which came out nicely, I took my digital SLR and will probably post some of my photos too.
All in all i'd say Madrid is best explored in the spring or autumn, as 40°C heat is a bit too warm to walk around in, oh and take a bit more money than you're planning to because, even though the tapas, sangria, churros and chocolate and paella is to die for, the price isn't.

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