Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cathedral Candles

These are the candles that i transferred my cathedrals on to. I used image maker which is why on some of the candles you can still see some of the white paper (i've washed these about 6 times already). Basically, the brief was to make your own scale based on the 'alpenglow scale', using 10 Italian words to describe each point of the scale, ranging from pale to magnificent, or something like that. So i based my scale on how long cathedrals took to build, with the magnificent being 600 years and the palest being 6 years. I choose the candles as i thought that when you burn them it would represent how long the cathedrals took to make, for example, the largest candle would take months whereas the smallest would take a day. Overall i think they're alright.

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