Wednesday, 3 November 2010


My current project at uni is to make three book jackets and a slip case. Havn't finished them yet but will post the finals tomorrow. In the mean time, this is a drawing for one of the covers and it's my Dad's mouth.


Jhall1989 said...

hey ive heard you like shoes....

finally got to see your mouth of art. i wish i could draw although i don't think i'd have the patience for it either way. It's pretty cool Gem. You will need to explain this all to me again though as i've forgot why your drawing ants in a mouth even though you did tell me this on the phone like yesterday!

just thought id leave the message of a thumbs to this piece of work! karl would be proud. jhall1989 x

gemma said...


thanks josh hall. basically in the book one of the main characters has some sort of seisure/stroke/heart attack, and describes that his body feels like there's millions of ants inside who he's trying to tell to help him move a part of his body, and when he goes to speak to his son, he describes that his mouth is full of ants.

so i thought that it was a horrible image which also reflects the horrible stuff in the book i.e. rape, murder and general filth. cos if you saw this image as a book cover it looks creepy, which the book is. that's what i think anyway.

and thanks very much josh hall, means a lot to me! x