Sunday, 15 September 2013

LFW - Ashish

As Ashish said himself, this collection was inspired by popping down to the off licence with your outift reminiscent of the night before and the added comfort of slippers. And let me tell you, in my unfit hungover state this morning, once my headache had calmed slightly, seeing these wondrous delights on Vogue with my gold band rings and holographic square earrings still in, it was all too perfect!

Every single detail is to die for. The sequin shoppers with play on word slogans, the ripped denim and checked patterned hair, all pieced together with the eccentric flair of a proper London catwalk. By far my favourite - I know it will be, Ashish always is. 

So with some images borrowed from Vogue and Les Beehive, I share with you the beauty and the ever so inventive Ashish. I also will do whatever I can to own one of these bags.

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